Air Quality

Understanding and evaluating air quality issues is necessary on both local and regional scales, and is important to architects and engineers, owners/operators of industrial facilities, and all levels of government. Architects and engineers need to design safe and energy efficient buildings; industries need to comply with regulations and limit impacts on neighboring communities; and government organizations need to understand the effectiveness of existing and proposed regulations affecting both the environment and public health.

Novus’ strength is our ability to help explain complex air quality issues and requirements in a simple manner.  Our experts have decades of experience and have successfully completed thousands of air quality projects using the most appropriate model for the situation at hand. At Novus, we take pride in understanding our client’s needs, before providing sensible solutions that work for them.

Unique to Novus is our ability to assess air quality issues at building, local and regional scales, using a full spectrum of numerical and physical modelling techniques. Understanding a vast range of air quality modelling techniques allows us to provide upfront guidance, quick turn-around times, and detailed modelling evaluations when needed.

Whether your question is simple or complex, our air quality specialists will work closely with you to derive the most cost effective approach and technically feasible solution.