Battery Storage
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Battery Solution to Peak Energy Prices

Energy Storage Facilities With electricity prices on the rise, consumers are looking for unique ways to reduce their costs of energy. Generally, there are two to three energy rates available on any given day; they…

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What you need to know about Combined Heat and Power (CHP)

What is Combined Heat and Power? Combined Heat and Power (also known as co-generation) is an energy efficient technology that generates electricity locally and captures the heat that would otherwise be wasted to provide useful…

Stack Effect in Tall Buildings
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The Stack Effect

The Effects of Air Pressure Imbalances on Tall Buildings What is the Stack Effect? Stack effect is the movement of large volumes of air through the envelope of a building due to temperature differentials between…

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Could your Project Benefit from Site-Specific Climate Modeling?

“Every site is different” is a mantra for design that encompasses the diversity of issues that we all face on projects.  Topography, demographics, infrastructure, and other site-specific information is typically accessible to a design team…

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What to expect from a Third Party Acoustic Audit in Ontario

The requirement to complete a Third Party Acoustic Audit may be included with an Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA), or Renewable Energy Approval (REA).  When we’re approached,…