Background Research for the Implementation of Air Quality Policies

Peel Region, ON


Regional Municipality of Peel

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The Regional Municipality of Peel has recognized the importance of building healthy, complete, and sustainable communities.  To improve local air quality and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the Region is developing policies that promote sustainable development and land use patterns which address public health, transportation systems, energy conservation and environmental concerns.  As the Region works to accommodate future growth and manage land use compatibility issues, an improved understanding of potential air quality impacts associated with growth and new development will become increasingly important since increased levels of urban air pollution can adversely affect human health.

To better understand the link between population growth and development and air quality, the Region plans to implement an integrated air quality forecasting system that can evaluate and predict ambient levels of pollutants.  The forecasting system will also have the ability to predict how pollutant concentrations are affected by new development, population growth, and changing patterns of emissions across the Region.

Novus was retained by the Region to conduct background research on air modelling and monitoring programs and recommend a preferred air quality forecasting system for the Region, identify the key attributes of the system, and provide rationale in support of the overall system design to accomplish the Region’s strategic objectives discussed above.