Federal White Cement

Ontario, Canada


Federal White Cement

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Federal White Cement is a major industrial manufacturer of white Portland cement in North America. The facility receives and processes material from a number of sources; eventually heating the ingredients to high temperature and then grinding the substance into a fine powder. The finished cement is packaged on-site and shipped out.

The facility consists of multiple buildings of varying elevations with various types of roof-top equipment as well as large kilns and dust collectors, exhaust fans/stacks, and line sources for trucks and loaders. The facility is typically in operation 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and 52 weeks per year.

Novus Environmental Inc. was retained by Federal White Cement (FWC) to perform an acoustic audit of the FWC Kiln Manufacturing facility in Zorra Township, Ontario. This audit was preform to insure that the machinery running 24/7 adhered to all noise regulations.