Hopedale Newfoundland – Future Planning Areas

Hopedale, Newfoundland & Labrador


Nunatsiavut Government


The Hamlet of Hopedale in Newfoundland & Labrador was creating a community plan, and required guidance in selecting an appropriate area for future expansion.  The planners provided five areas as options, which were then considered for their wind exposure and potential for snow drifting issues.  As the community has no mechanical means for snow removal, the volume of snow accumulation around buildings is a concern when it comes to building safety (i.e., access, egress).

Novus’ consultation included:

  • Climatic review of area, with regards to wind and snow, including the potential fluctuations if climate change were considered
  • Review of current snow drifting conditions within the community, by way of site photos taken by the planner
  • Analysis of snow drifting conditions in five potential areas, with the consideration of snow volume, potential fetches, overall topography, proximity to current community
  • Recommended locations for future growth

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