Identifying Drivers for Local Anthropogenic Ozone in the Calgary Region

Calgary, AB


CRAZ - Calgary Region Air Zone


To assist the CRAZ with their Anthropogenic Ozone (O3) Management Plan and Strategic Plan goals and objectives, Novus was retained to conduct an analysis of the factors contributing to high ozone days in the Calgary Region Air Zone.  Ultimately, the results of the study helped identify and assess the drivers for local and regional anthropogenic ozone formation in and around the Calgary area.  Enhancing their understanding helped CRAZ promote local and regional ozone reduction strategies.

Specifically, the analysis conducted determined the number of high ozone days and for each high ozone day identified, the origin of the air mass associated with the ozone episodes using the Hybrid Single Particle Lagrangian Integrated Trajectory (HYSPLIT) back trajectory model.  Meteorological analysis of the weather patterns associated with these events was also conducted in order to better understand and correlate the conditions conducive to ozone formation within the CRAZ.