Penn Group Solar Farm Audits

Ontario, Canada


Penn Energy Renewables


The solar farms that Penn Energy has developed in Ontario will employ stationary photovoltaic (PV) modules installed in fields on fixed racks oriented towards the Southern sky. These Solar Farms have no moving parts, emit no waste or emissions and are virtually silent in operation. These solar farms produce clean power during the hours of the day when it is most needed (on-peak) and do so in a way that is infinitely sustainable.

Inverter houses are utilized at each of the three (3) Penn Group Solar Farms, in which the inverters are in operation during the daytime periods. The transformers are expected to be energized throughout the 24 hour period, indicating the facilities have the potential to generate noise during the night-time periods.

Novus conducted acoustic audits for the Brantgate Solar Farm, Ridgefield Solar Farm, and Roseplain Solar Farm. These audits acted as a part of the application for Renewable Energy approval (REA) for each of the sites.