Piedmont Replacement Hospital

Newnan, Ga




Piedmont Health began construction of a $94 million replacement hospital in Newnan, Ga, in 2010. The nine-story, 362,500-sf facility will provide 136 beds, eight operating rooms, and an emergency department. Completion is expected in early 2012.

To assist the designers of the new hospital, Novus undertook Heat Dissipation and Exhaust Re-Entrainment modelling of proposed chimney flues.  Models were constructed to examine the feasibility of locating the exhaust flues at lower elevations of the hospital, as compared to extending the flues to the upper roof level of the facility.  Early in the consultation, concerns were presented regarding re-entrainment of exhaust emissions into fresh air intakes and the potential for high temperature heat effects to compromise exterior building surfaces that were adjacent to the flues.

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations were used to model the heat dissipation and dispersion of the flue exhaust.  Results in the form of predicted temperature profiles and pollutant concentrations were developed and assisted in the placement and design of the exhaust flues, and the selection of appropriate construction materials for exterior surfaces adjacent to the flues.