The Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Santiago Calatrava Architects


The iconic Tower at Dubai Creek Harbor combines modern, sustainable design with the rich culture and heritage of the United Arab Emirates. The structure will include multiple observation decks, including a Grand Room, which offers unprecedented, 360 degree views of the city and beyond. Among the various decks are two VIP observation garden decks, made to recreate the splendor of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, one of the Eight Wonders of the Ancient World. The structure will also include balconies that rotate outside the façade of the tower. There will be a café on one of the three public observation decks; and numerous spaces throughout the building to be used for events. The tower’s ground-level Central Plaza will serve as a bustling neighborhood center with world-class retail, a museum, educational facilities, and an indoor auditorium.

As acoustic consultants for the project Novus is responsible for addressing control of noise and reverberation within and surrounding the development.  This includes specialized analysis of wind-induced noise (aeroacoustics) from the many unique features of the architectural design, as well as potential noise generation from stack effect and movement of the high-speed lifts.  The Tower features a number of large gathering spaces with extensive glazing, which requires unique acoustic treatments for reverberation control.  The stacking of noisy public spaces with quiet VIP and Hospitality suites is an additional consideration for the acoustical design to address sound and impact insulation.