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Novus was retained by Stantec to conduct exhaust re-entrainment and pedestrian wind comfort assessments to assist with the design of the New Academic and Classroom Building (NACB) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst campus.

Working closely with Stantec we provided consultation and detailed evaluations to assist in identifying and mitigating potential exhaust re-entrainment and pedestrian wind comfort issues. The assessment involved:

  • Initial design guidance and on-site consultation;
  • Local site conditions and meteorological review;
  • Detailed wind tunnel tracer gas testing of problematic emission sources; and
  • Detailed wind tunnel testing of pedestrian level wind speeds on site.

The results from the study were able to highlight positive features of the design as well as identify exhaust sources (both on-site and off-site) that could be problematic through on-site consultation and review of early architectural and mechanical drawings. Numerical modelling was performed for an initial estimate of exhaust dispersion and re-entrainment quantities. Detailed wind tunnel tracer gas tests were undertaken to finalize design recommendations for exhaust stack and fresh air intake configurations. Also in a wind tunnel test, wind speeds were predicted at areas of pedestrian activity, including main entrances, bus stops and outdoor seating areas, and rated for different pedestrian activities (sitting, standing or walking). Where uncomfortable wind conditions were predicted, mitigation measures were recommended.