Dr. Xin Qiu joins expert committee on Climate Change and Code Implementation for Canada

NRC Building Code Climate Change and Codes Implementation

In January 2017 Novus Principal Xin Qiu was an invited speaker at an international workshop on Climate Change and Codes Implementation – held at the National Research Council.  The workshop brought together climate scientists and codes experts to:

  • Define the current state-of-the-art with respect to modelling climate change that could affect the design of buildings and other infrastructure;
  • Identify knowledge gaps;
  • Provide recommendations for the development and implementation of more robust design procedures in Codes and Standards projected changes in climatic loads; and,
  • Provide recommendations for the development of effective climate adaptation measures.

At the workshop Xin presented his work on Regional Climate Extreme Studies and Effects of Climate Change on the Ontario Building Code.

Key outcomes of the workshop included:

  • Creation of an External Advisory Committee for the Task on Loads and Climatic Data.
  • A plan to produce a guidance document for release with the 2020 code update. The guidance document will attempt to provide guidance for non-stationarity induced by climate change and temperature related climatic loads, precipitation related climatic loads and wind related loads.
  • A plan to develop a path forward that will allow explicit consideration of changing climatic loads and risks in the 2025 codes.

Going forward Xin will continue his role as an Expert Panel Member for the Standards Council of Canada on climate change and will be actively involved in the development of the outcomes of the workshop.