Environmental Challenges in Vertical Healthcare Design

In 2016 the Chicago Committee on High Rise Buildings (CCHRB) hosted a seminar entitled “The Rise of the Urban Hospital: High Rise Healthcare Facilities for the 21st Century”. It was the first gathering of its kind focussing on current technologies and future research needs for the design of high-rise hospitals. The program included discussions with some of the world’s high-rise building design experts and featured topics such as code impacts, lift systems, exterior enclosures and elements of MEP design. It was a great opportunity to share insights on some of the vital elements of a functional hospital, such as wayfinding, life safety and critical support systems, and how these elements may need to be reconsidered in a vertical healthcare environment.

Following the CCHRB seminar, our specialists discussed some of the key challenges that we have encountered in the design of vertical healthcare environments. In this paper we offer our insights on design issues and strategies related to environmental factors in the midst of increasingly vertical healthcare facility design.


Author: Dr. Brad Pridham

Published: 23/02/2017