Increasing pressure to provide higher levels of service while managing costs, emerging security issues, and an ever more demanding public, is pushing all levels of Government and policy makers to do more with less. We understand these challenges and have partnered with Federal, Provincial and Municipal scientists and policy makers to assist in evaluating and resolving a wide range of environmental issues.

Our success in this field stems from applying in-depth knowledge and scientific expertise to provide insightful and substantiated guidance regarding current and emerging environmental issues. From the successful delivery of the highest quality emission inventories to the provision of regional air quality across the country; from in-depth research in climate change adaptation to advanced water management strategies, we provide high quality modelling and advice in the areas of air quality, wind and climate, acoustics and vibration and sustainable water.

Novus brings a commitment to meeting the highest service levels and metrics by listening to the issues, devising and applying the appropriate methodologies to solve the problem, and effectively communicating the findings and conclusions. When required, Novus partners with leading academic institutions to provide government clients with the latest scientific solutions.

Government Air Quality Brochure