Novus provides specialized environmental consulting services for industry, in a number of sectors, including; Mining, Aggregate, Food Production and Processing, Manufacturing, Automotive, Pharmaceutical Research, Development and Production, Agriculture, Petrochemical and Energy, Oil and Gas.

Our specialists provide design consultation for major projects, environmental protection and permitting and regulatory compliance assessments with respect to noise, vibration, air quality and water resources.  Novus is also qualified to provide consultation in Toxic Substance Reduction Planning.

We actively provide services across Canada, the United States and internationally. Novus provides up front consultation during the concept design stage to help guide initial design preparation. We then assist with regulatory and permitting requirements throughout the application and approvals process. Finally, we help companies maintain their operations throughout the life of a project or facility through preparing annual reports, audits, environmental compliance submissions and overall environmental stewardship. Our senior staff have coordinated and participated in numerous public education and early notification programs for various project types.

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