Floor Vibration Analysis and Control

Problematic floor vibrations are typically caused by occupant activities (walking and rhythmic excitation), poorly isolated building services, road and rail traffic, and construction activities (piling, blasting, soil compaction). When not properly controlled, floor vibrations can limit the functionality of a space.  Novus can help with floor design for:

  • Industrial, office and commercial settings – where occupant comfort, health and safety are a concern;
  • Research and healthcare settings – where ultra-low vibration environments are essential for the performance of sensitive procedures and equipment (imaging, high-resolution microscopy, laser-based systems); and,
  • Residential, hospitality and entertainment facilities – where occupant comfort and large dynamic loads (crowd loading) are a concern.

Novus uses advanced modelling and measurement tools necessary to assist you with controlling floor vibrations in design, re-use/remediation and post-occupancy. Our state-of-the art analysis methods ensure cost-effective design solutions. Floor vibration measurements (modal testing) can be used to solve existing vibration problems and to assess the suitability of a site for installation of vibration-sensitive uses.

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