Integration of Acoustics into Sustainable Design

Human efficiency, environmental quality, comfort and functionality are all key issues in sustainable design, and are all affected by acoustical performance. Acoustically comfortable spaces can increase worker efficiency and productivity, reduce distractions and annoyances, and provide a healthier environment.

Proper acoustics increases the functionality of building s such as schools, hospitals, court rooms, theatres, offices, places of worship, residences and even general circulation areas such as malls, community centres and restaurants, helping to ensure occupant/user satisfaction.

Our acoustical professionals are experienced with designing for comfort and sustainability, and in balancing acoustical needs with potentially competing goals, such as day-lighting. Darron Chin-Quee, our senior acoustical principal, is a LEED®-certified AP, one of only a few acousticians to achieve this designation.

Download our Building Acoustics brochure in PDF format