Site Specific Climate Data

Site climate and weather are critical elements that influence air quality, comfort, water availability and sustainable design. Novus assists clients with the development, analysis and interpretation of localized, site-specific climate data for any location, worldwide. Using state-of-the-art climate downscaling techniques, which are being adopted by ASHRAE and applied to climate and weather investigations in multiple sectors, we predict localized weather and climate to provide our clients with the best possible data for use in design and regulatory approvals.

At Novus, we work with our clients to understand the impact of accurate climate data on sustainability strategies. For example, we help our clients by reducing the uncertainty associated with using ‘nearby airport’ climate information in their assessments, or by providing site-specific climate data where no nearby weather station exists. The benefits include better-informed decisions related to pollution control, energy strategies, greater control of energy costs, and more robust building designs.