Speech Privacy

Whether the concern is patient privacy in hospitals, the integrity of the judicial process in courts, confidential negotiations in business boardrooms, sound masking in open-plan offices, or simply rest, relaxation and enjoyment in residential spaces in multi-tenant buildings, speech privacy is a major concern. The goal in speech privacy is to make certain that private conversations are kept private.

Analysis and reviews are best done at the design stage for new buildings or conversions. However, problems in existing buildings can also be addressed, through analysis and in-situ testing. Novus’ consultation related to speech privacy includes advice on space planning, room boundary partition design, and selection of room finishes. Integration with other design components such as the ventilation system and sound masking systems, is also crucial.  By applying state-of-the-art sound transmission and reverberation analysis, and using scientific grade measurement equipment, Novus provides appropriate and cost-effective solutions.

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