Toxic Substance Reduction

We provide expertise in assisting industries in the mining, food, and manufacturing sectors to prepare toxic reduction plans. Toxic Substance Reduction Programs (TSR) exist in the Province of Ontario and a number of states in the US. The objective of these programs is to reduce the use and emission of known toxic substances. Novus personnel have experience in industrial operations and apply this knowledge in helping to develop Toxic Substance Reduction Plans (TRP) as required under Ontario Regulation 455/09 made under the Toxics Reduction Act (TRA), 2009. We strive to understand a facilities working culture in order to help implement practical plans that improve environmental impact and save costs. Novus believes Toxic Reduction Planning can be implemented in harmony with other efficiency programs or management systems already in place, similar to a systems approach to managing water use and demand. As a licensed Toxic Substance Reduction Planner we will help your company improve existing plans and maintain implementable reduction programs.