Amin Mahmud

M.A.Sc., EIT.

Amin Mahmud

Title: Junior Technical Coordinator

Expertise: Sound & Vibration

Phone: 226.706.8080 x226

Amin graduated from the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) with a Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering degree (Acoustics Specialization) in February 2018. He conducted research in the fields of Architectural and Numerical Acoustics during his Graduate Research Assistantship in UBC Acoustics and Noise Research Group. Since joining Novus Building Consulting Team full time as a Junior Technical Coordinator in May 2018, he worked on several key building acoustics projects; including LEED acoustics compliance review, and construction noise and vibration assessments. Amin is continuing to gain technical experience in the fields of acoustics, noise and vibration. He is an active member and author of few publications in Canadian Acoustical Association. He is also in process of becoming a registered Engineering-In-Training (EIT) with Professional Engineers Ontario.