Sustainable Water Systems

The way we view water has a significant impact on our sustainability. Our linear and often siloed approach to water, wastewater and stormwater has had a significant impact on our environment, our health and our pocket books. Water stress, a deteriorating infrastructure, lack of adequate water and sanitation in developing countries and in some cases northern and remote communities and introduction of nutrients and chemicals into the environment are symptoms of a system that is broken. Add to this the uncertain impacts resulting from climate change and the rapid adaptation that may be required and it is evident that the status quo in water management is no longer adequate.

Novus understands these challenges, but more importantly we have the knowledge that clients are looking for to develop a new relationship with water.  We can help anticipate future water availability and develop a demand management plan that reduces vulnerability no matter where you are in the world. We take a systemic approach that integrates water and wastewater and considers opportunities to save or produce energy and opens the door to developments in urban agriculture.   We can dramatically reduce the water needed for essential services, reducing environmental impact, protecting biodiversity and extending our valuable water supplies.

Download our Sustainable Water brochure in PDF format.