Wind and Climate

Novus’ wind and climate work enhances quality of life by creating comfortable, safe outdoor environments. Wind and climate assessments are an integral part of sustainable design providing essential inputs to sustainable site development, water and energy efficiency. Climate change adaptation and implementation have become increasingly important in this context.  By addressing these issues, Novus aids policy makers, government agencies at all levels, building designers, urban planners, architects, engineers and industry to make more informed decisions.

Our guidance is frequently used to assist on policy development, building design and approvals, urban and landscape design, agriculture, land-use planning, water management and efficiency, coastal management, and insurance risk assessments. We promote approaches with the goal of working with the wind and climate – not against them.

We offer a complete range of numerical and physical modelling capabilities. Assessments include climate change downscaling for land-use and water assessment, wind tunnel modelling, snow and sand drifting analysis, pedestrian wind comfort and meteorological forecasting. We also provide weather and climate analysis for extreme weathers such as hurricanes, winter storms, tornadoes, microbursts, severe thunderstorms and future climate change projection at scales from regional to community-level.

Wind and climate – two important considerations for harmonizing the built and natural environments.